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Every year, children and teens are carrying backpacks that are getting bigger and heavier. In fact, while experts advise that students’ backpacks should be no heavier than 10 percent of their bodyweight, children and teens today are routinely carrying backpacks that weigh as much as 30 percent of their body weight.

While chronic backpain is the most common side effect of carrying this much weight on the back, the risks also include things like decreased lung function and arthritis.

An article in USA TODAY, Could Your Kids’ Heavy Backpacks Lead to Arthritis, notes that the solution to concerns about the weight of children’s backpacks is a joint responsibility of parents and schools. The article suggests the following steps, or backpack plan, to combat the issue:

  1. Allow rolling school backpacks
  2. Buy backpacks with thicker straps
  3. Encourage children to use both straps
  4. Shop for lighter backpacks
  5. Advise students to carry some books in their hands

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