Is a Heavy Backpack Weighing Your Child Down?

Omaha Kids’ Chiropractor for Back Pain | Zurek Chiropractic Care Omaha Heavy backpacks affect children's spines and cause lower back pain and injuries Omaha Kids’ Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain

Chronic low back pain is striking children at younger ages than ever. The culprit? Carrying too much weight in their backpacks. Injuries from backpacks are a common and serious problem in the United States. Backpacks that are too heavy can cause chronic back pain, poor posture and even decreased lung function.

Backpack Safety

Backpack Safety

Backpack Safety

Heavy backpacks cause a host of issues for children and teens. And those issues go beyond how much weight is carried. That’s why it is so important to find just the right backpack for your child.

Backpack Safety with kids

Backpack Safety with kids

What Happens To Your Kid’s Body When Their Backpack Is Too Heavy? It Can Have Long-Lasting Effects

Unlike adults, children’s bodies are still growing and forming. Bulky backpacks can have unexpected effects on their developing bodies.

Pain in the Backpack

How heavy backpacks are weighing down today’s kids. Heavy backpacks are weighing down kids today. Unfortunately, many of these kids say they don’t have a choice when it comes to wearing overloaded backpacks.

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