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How walking can improve your spinal health?

How walking can improve your spinal health? Walking has a number of health benefits; a better-conditioned spine is one of them. A stroll as part of a morning routine or as a reflective ritual at the end of the day is a pleasure by its self. But having a regular walking program also delivers significant health benefits that help maintain a well-conditioned spine and can ease episodes of back pain.

How walking can improve your spinal health?

When we walk, our brain releases serotonin and endorphins, chemicals that make us feel better physically and emotionally. Walking strengthens the muscles supporting the spine. With every stride, you strengthen the muscles in your:

  • feet
  • legs
  • hips
  • torso that stabilize your spine

The aerobics of walking nourish spinal structures. Aerobics raises your heart rate and supports strong circulation to carry nutrients to spinal tissues. Walking encourages good posture and flexibility. As you swing forward with each step, you maintain your range of motion, balance, and an erect posture. Walking improves bone strength. The low impact of a walking program can help prevent osteoporosis without taking a toll on your weight-bearing joints. Walking helps you to maintain a healthy weight. Exercise burns calories. Especially as we age and our metabolism slows, a regular walking program can help us avoid weight gain and the added stress that excess weight puts on our spine.

Chiropractic Adjustment Omaha

Walking and other kinds of exercising can help you live a healthier lifestyle, which will help strength muscles and your spinal health. We can do all the strengthening and dieting, but if you are not getting a chiropractic adjustment on a weekly or a monthly basis you will not be living up to your fullest potential because nothing can correct a spinal misalignment besides chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care in Omaha is key to living to your fullest potential possible because if you have spinal misalignments then your nervous system isn’t working to its highest potential possible. Working out and chiropractic care work great together to help you live a healthier lifestyle which will give you the ability to do the things you enjoy the most.

Zurek Chiropractic

We understand that everyone responds differently to different adjustments, that is why Dr. Zurek has a wide range of knowledge of different techniques that can be used through chiropractic care. He utilizes specific chiropractic techniques that allow your body to rest and absorb an adjustment, so you can recover and feel better faster. Zurek Chiropractic is passionate about investing in the health and wellness of every patient.

Feel better, relieve your pain, and get healthy with one of the best chiropractors in Omaha today. Contact us for a free confidential consultation at (402) 504-3434 or fill out the online form.

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