Chiropractic Care and the Quest
for a Good Night’s Sleep


The Centers for Disease Control reports that about one-third of Americans aren’t getting enough shut-eye. This is an alarming statistic given that chronic sleeplessness takes a serious toll on a person’s health and well-being, contributing to a whole host of illnesses and diseases, including heart disease, mood disorders and weight gain.

While many people turn to over-the-counter and prescription sleep aids, there is an alternative. Chiropractic care is a proven method for helping people get the recommended amount of sleep. Equally important is that it does so without the use of medications that leave you groggy and unable to function at your highest level.

Chiropractic care relieves pain and tension in your spine and enhances the functioning of your central nervous system, helping to reduce insomnia and allowing you to get a more restorative sleep. It does this by addressing the problems at the root of sleepless nights. These include things like breathing problems, back pain and restless leg syndrome.

Chronic back and neck pain also interfere with a person’s ability to get enough sleep. Among the most common issues related to back and neck pain are damaged ligaments and tendons, impinged nerves, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis and strained muscles. At Zurek Chiropractic, we will work to identify the root of your sleeplessness and then develop a treatment plan to address those issues.

Not only can chiropractors diagnose and treat spinal issues related to poor sleep, they also can offer practical suggestions for getting better sleep. For example, what sleep position works best for you and what type of pillow and mattress to use.

Unfortunately, many people believe that restless nights are something they simply have to live with. Others are so used to functioning on just a few hours a sleep, it seems normal to them. Further, most of us are so familiar with the negative effects of poor quality sleep, we have forgotten what a good night’s sleep feels like.

What follows are just some of the many mental and physical benefits of a good night’s sleep:

  1. Faster reaction times
  2. Balanced hormone levels
  3. Better memory
  4. Longer attention span
  5. Lower stress levels
  6. A reduction in inflammation
  7. Increased creativity
  8. Improved athletic performance
  9. Healthier weight
  10. Improved decision making
  11. Less depression

Research has repeatedly shown that chiropractic adjustments help to improve the body’s ability to get the amount and type of sleep so critical to optimal functioning. And since sleep is the foundation of good health—and sleep problems a contributing factor to poor health—seeing a chiropractor for sleep disturbances will make a huge difference in your overall quality of life.