Neck pain chiropractic care Omaha

Car accidents are one of life’s most traumatic events. Much of this has to do with the fact that they are so unexpected. One minute you are healthy and going about your business and the next moment your whole life is turned upside down.

If you are involved in a car accident, being seen by a chiropractor right away can go a long way toward making sure your road to recovery is as smooth as possible. Unfortunately, many of the physical effects of a car accident can’t be felt for days or weeks after the event, but the damage has still been done. And the longer you wait to address this damage, the harder it will be to overcome.

At Zurek Chiropractic, we have successfully treated hundreds of patients suffering from injuries related to car accidents. Many victims of car accidents are unable to function normally due to muscle pain and stiffness following an auto accident while others experience whiplash injuries immediately. Some indicators of whiplash injuries are arm pain, blurred vision, dizziness, headaches, limited range-of-motion and shoulder pain.

Whiplash also can result in back injuries, damage to discs, muscle injuries and ligament problems. Some victims may believe they are just sore, when serious injuries are in fact forming. This is due to a common misconception that whiplash only occurs during high-speed crashes, but the truth is that whiplash can occur at rates of speed as low as two miles per hour.

Injuries left untreated following a car accident often go on to cause serious health problems. In fact, many people may not think they have been injured after a car accident but start to experience discomfort or headaches several months later.

To put yourself in the best possible position to full recover after a wreck, it is in your best interest to visit a chiropractor as soon as possible. One of the worst things you can do is to wait until you are in pain to seek treatment. Remember, a proactive approach is always best.

What follows are some other benefits to seeking out chiropractic care immediately following a car accident:

  1. Reduces the amount of inflammation. Many car accidents lead to small tears in the muscles and ligaments. Unfortunately, these tears are not visible on x-rays. Your chiropractor will be able to use spinal manipulations to realign the spinal cord and help your body release its own anti-inflammatory cellular response to muscle and ligament tears.
  2. Decreases the need for surgery. When you wait too long to address the issues related to a car accident, you may be left with no other option but surgery. Immediate chiropractic care offers a non-invasive treatment that is an excellent alternative to surgery.
  3. Reduces scar tissue. Scar tissue can form on the muscles following a car accident, leading to stiffness. A chiropractor will target the damaged areas and break up scar tissue faster than it can heal on its own.
  4. Offers drug-free pain relief. Chiropractic care offer relief from pain without the need for drugs. Not only can pain relief medications be addictive, they also mask the symptoms. Chiropractic care addresses the injury at its source and treats that injury rather than just masking it.
  5. Prevents long-term pain. The sooner you visit a chiropractor after a car accident, the less likely you are to suffer from long-term pain because the injury will be diagnosed and treated before it can turn into a chronic condition.
  6. Restores range of motion. Inflammation prevents blood and nutrients from getting to the areas of your body, such as the back and neck, that need it the most. Chiropractic adjustments significantly restores range of motion and allows the body to heal itself faster.

Car accidents can be stressful events. Fortunately, seeing a chiropractor can help to ensure that you can put the physical trauma of such accidents behind you as soon as possible.